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The Centurion Chronicles – Book Ten

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  • F1 Belgium

    Another boring F1 race with the possible exception of Vettel’s steering problems late in the race. Glad Alonso had pace. Too bad about Massa being sick, de la Resta did yoeman-like work in his place.

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  • Top Gear Aftermath

    Top Gear Aftermath So now Rory Reid finally came out & voiced his displeasure at working on Top Gear, Matt LaBlanc is on a 1 year contract & Robot Wars got more viewers than the last episode. Evans is having a meltdown & might lose his radio show. Top Gear will obviously have to retool […]

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  • Last Episode Top Gear

    Last Episode – Top Gear ended mercifully with a whimper. Rory’s piece comparing the 2 Mustangs showed initial promiced but didn’t deliver as much hard information as I would have liked. Here’s what he didn’t tell you about the V8. It has a small petrol tank which means you’ll be stopping frequently, it doesn’t ride […]

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