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  • Top Gear Aftermath

    Top Gear Aftermath So now Rory Reid finally came out & voiced his displeasure at working on Top Gear, Matt LaBlanc is on a 1 year contract & Robot Wars got more viewers than the last episode. Evans is having a meltdown & might lose his radio show. Top Gear will obviously have to retool […]

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  • Last Episode Top Gear

    Last Episode – Top Gear ended mercifully with a whimper. Rory’s piece comparing the 2 Mustangs showed initial promiced but didn’t deliver as much hard information as I would have liked. Here’s what he didn’t tell you about the V8. It has a small petrol tank which means you’ll be stopping frequently, it doesn’t ride […]

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  • Top Gear Latest Episode

    Episode 5 – I’m doing my best to like the new Top Gear, I really am but they don’t make it easy. The Xenon whizzing around the track was sort of interesting but so what? All super lightweight cars go fast, they’re uncomfortable, impractical & fairly pricey. In a general sense I didn’t learn anything […]

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