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F1 Belgium

Another boring F1 race with the possible exception of Vettel’s steering problems late in the race. Glad Alonso had pace. Too bad about Massa being sick, de la Resta did yoeman-like work in his place.

Top Gear Aftermath

Top Gear Aftermath So now Rory Reid finally came out & voiced his displeasure at working on Top Gear, Matt LaBlanc is on a 1 year contract & Robot Wars got more viewers than the last episode. Evans is having a meltdown & might lose his radio show. Top Gear will obviously have to retool […]

Last Episode Top Gear

Last Episode – Top Gear ended mercifully with a whimper. Rory’s piece comparing the 2 Mustangs showed initial promiced but didn’t deliver as much hard information as I would have liked. Here’s what he didn’t tell you about the V8. It has a small petrol tank which means you’ll be stopping frequently, it doesn’t ride […]

Top Gear Latest Episode

Episode 5 – I’m doing my best to like the new Top Gear, I really am but they don’t make it easy. The Xenon whizzing around the track was sort of interesting but so what? All super lightweight cars go fast, they’re uncomfortable, impractical & fairly pricey. In a general sense I didn’t learn anything […]

Top Gear Episode 4

Episode 4 – The show opened with the Vulcan at Yas Marina. Chris Harris gave us some information about the car but I wanted more. Why isn’t it street legal in the UK? What are its faults? It goes fast but so do a lot of other cars. The photography wasn’t all that good, looked […]

Top Gear

I happened to turn on BBC America & saw Richard Hammond zipping around Yas Marina at night in a new Porsch 918 hybrid. He explained how everything worked in what is obviously a very complicated, fast & expensive car & made comparisons to the hybrid McLaren. Color-saturated photography was amazing. It was everything all of […]

Mohawk Sunk

Michael Campbell’s grandfather changed his life and by extension ours. Michael is currently the Senior Environmental Specialist for the Lee County Department of Natural Resources. It sounds like a lofty title and it is. “A Senior Environmental Specialist develops, manages and monitors marine habitat projects including: living shorelines, artificial reefs, sea grasses, oysters, scallops, wetlands, […]

Dog Rescue

Pilots N Paws When it comes to unwanted dogs, cats and other pets most of us try to do the right thing. We adopt, we have our pets neutered or spayed and we make charitable contributions to local humane societies and animal shelters. Debi Boies has literally gone the extra mile. She founded Pilots N […]

Coral Reef Building

“Coral Reef Restoration in the Keys” For years corals have been dying in the Keys and Caribbean. Elkhorn and staghorn coral are two of the most important because they are fast-growing reef builders that create habitat for marine species. Researchers from Mote Marine Laboratory and the Nature Conservancy harvested 50 staghorn coral fragments from Mote’s […]

Conversations: Knifemaker

Knife Maker Extraordinaire Fort Meyers resident Gordon Romeis, 57, sold his first knife in 1977 for (if he remembers correctly) $35.00. Since then he’s made somewhere around 2,000 knives. It clearly is his passion. Gordon was in the Cub Scouts when he got his first knife and by the time he started attending Fort Meyers […]