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Saving Lives – One Flipper at a Time

Turtle Hospital – Saving Lives One Flipper At a Time by J. M. Garlock The Turtle Hospital (Hidden Harbor Marine Environmental Project, Inc.) in Marathon was co-founded in 1986 by Richie Moretti and Tina Brown (Tine has since opened the Turtle Kraals Museum in Key West). It is the only state certified veterinary hospital in […]

Coral Reef Restoration

“Coral Reef Restoration in the Keys” by J.M. Garlock For years corals have been dying in the Keys and Caribbean. Elkhorn and staghorn coral are two of the most important because they are fast-growing reef builders that create habitat for marine species..Researchers from Mote Marine Laboratory and the Nature Conservancy harvested 50 staghorn coral fragments […]

Panther Deaths Near Record

Sixteen panthers have died after vehicle collisions this year, one shy of the 2009 record of 17. Researchers estimate the population is around 160 adults or sub-adults trying to establish hunting grounds. Five panthers were killed by cars in November typically at dusk or night. Dozens of wildlife underpasses were constructed along Interstate 75 between […]

Python-Hunting Contest

Adveture seekers have been invited by the state of Florida to participate in the Python Challenge, a monthlong contest that will award $1000 for the longest python and $1500 for the most pythons caught between Jan. 12 an Feb. 10 in any of 4 hunting areas north of the Everglades State Park and the Big […]

Jail for Killing Panther

There’s murder in the ‘Glades but rarely is the victim one of Florida’s most endangered species. In late July 2012 a Naples, Fla man was sentence to 30 days in jail and fined $10,000 for shooting and killing a Florida panther in 2009. According to federal prosecutors the man was bow hunting in rural Golden […]

Rome and Gaul

  Overview of Gaul and the Strategic Importance of the Province As Rome’s power expanded through Italy, the republic’s first encounter  with the Gauls was with tribesmen who had settled in Northern Italy around 400 BC.  In 390 BC half of Italy was overrun and the capital was occupied and sacked.  Rome defeated the Boii […]

Weapons of a Roman Soldier

Another subject I’m interested in is Roman military history. My ebook “The Centurion Chronicles” has modest but encouraging sales. Here’s a sampling. Organization of the Roman Army During Caesar’s Time The Roman army was the most effective and long-lived military institution known to history.  The principal unit was the legion.  At full or nominal strength […]

Pythons on the Move

PYTHONS ON THE MOVE With cold weather moving in more pythons are likely to come out of their hiding places and find sunny spots to bask. There are fewer than 300 people licensed to hunt and transport pythons in Florida. Soon, potential death-dealing snakes will slither out of their dens and no doubt come into […]

Caught in the Act

CAUGHT IN THE ACT There’s always action & mystery in the ‘Glades. Although Fish & Game officers are outnumbered and can’t be everywhere at once they do manage to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be ding. Here’s a partial rogue’s list of the miscreants January 2011 to May 2012. Feb. 17-2011, Collier County—Undercover FWC […]