Caught in the Act


There’s always action & mystery in the ‘Glades. Although Fish & Game officers are outnumbered and can’t be everywhere at once they do manage to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be ding. Here’s a partial rogue’s list of the miscreants January 2011 to May 2012.

Feb. 17-2011, Collier County—Undercover FWC agents record video of an Everglades City airboat captain feeding marshmellows to an alligator. When asked if he would give a statement & cooperate, the 72-year-old captain called the officer a horse’s ass. The captain was later adjudicated guilty and fined $400.

Feb 27,2011, Broward County—Two men ages 21 & 26 thrash their fishing poles on a dock to get an alligator to come closer. Two FWC officers watch as the men cast their fishing lines over the alligator & dangle fish in front of it. One man received 38 hours of community service, a $426 fine & $50 in court costs. The other received a $333 fine.

May 7, 2011, Palm Beach County—FWC officers watch 5 people drive up to an Everglades boat ramp & see one of them feed a piece of chicken to the alligators, one of which comes out of the water onto the bank. A 21-year-old Massachusetts man is cited &  pays a $50 fine.

June 11, 2011, Seminole County—A man throws food to an alligator at Gators Riverside Restaurant in Sanford as a uniformed FWC officer dines nearby. The officer tells the man the alligator will have to be euthanized since it was being fed & would lose its natural fear of humans. The man is fined $150.

More to come.