Knight Hunter – Vampire Book 1: Infection


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Vampire dogs have been sent to kill the messenger. Sir Alan Palidor, Knight Hunter…

Imprisoned with her humarf maidservant Layla in his castle by the vampire Lord Manco ruler of the ash-grey kingdom of Urbe on the planet Akela, Lady Aleris sends a plea for rescue by messenger to her husband Lord Parca, ruler of the other half of Akela, sunlit Ramla. Manco and Parca are feuding brothers. Exiled from their mother planet of Kalevi the two kingdoms are separated by a laser force field. Manco tells Lady Aleris he and his vampire clan landed on Urbe by accident.

He wishes to share Akela peacefully with his brother. Vampire dogs have been sent to kill the messenger. Sir Alan Palidor, Knight Hunter: Vampires ambushes a pursuer while vampire hunting in Urbe. He discovers his pursuer is female. Lord Manco and his wife Lady Haldis confer in the castle’s blood cellar. Manco knows Palidor is hunting in Urbe and voices his frustration at the lack of success his vampire infiltrators are having in Ramla. Lady Haldis, accompanied by her mortal maidservant Corinna suggests he use vampire dogs instead. The female pursuer is Natessa, a cavalry-woman recently escaped from a gladiator school at Lord Manco’s castle where 30 other cavalry-women are also being held captive. She explains to Palidor that she waylaid the messenger and & stole his horse & the message from Lady Aleris. They are attacked by vampire dogs that they kill.

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