Last Episode Top Gear

Last Episode – Top Gear ended mercifully with a whimper. Rory’s piece comparing the 2 Mustangs showed initial promiced but didn’t deliver as much hard information as I would have liked. Here’s what he didn’t tell you about the V8. It has a small petrol tank which means you’ll be stopping frequently, it doesn’t ride particularly well which means a long trip will be exhausting & the interior finishes are obviously cheaply made. But if you want an American muscle car this is probably the one to get. Fully restored early Mustangs are expensive.
Evans walked away with a cool million thanks to his agent.
Patrick Dempsey who knows a thing or two about cars looked uncomfortable sitting next to the fat clown in the as usual interminably long guest segment.
Now Matt LeBlanc is in control & naturally he wants to be paid handsomely for his services & who can blame him? Questions have been raised as to whether he’s worth what he’s asking & the obvious answer is that anything (house, car etc.) or anyone (for services rendered) is only worth what someone (like the BBC) is willing to pay. I understand why the BBC wants to use an American to increase appeal in the US but Matt isn’t a car guy plus he’ll be working on a new TV series which means he’ll be splitting his time between the US & the UK
So the BBC is going to bring in some more writers, do some tinkering & in the meantime I can’t wait for Clarkson, May & Hammond’s new show. Will Top Gear survive as a worldwide brand? Probably but it won’t be a real car show for gear heads.
One last thing: I wonder what the people who turned down the hosting gig are thinking now.
“The Centurion Chronicles”