Python-Hunting Contest

Adveture seekers have been invited by the state of Florida to participate in the Python Challenge, a monthlong contest that will award $1000 for the longest python and $1500 for the most pythons caught between Jan. 12 an Feb. 10 in any of 4 hunting areas north of the Everglades State Park and the Big Cypress National Preserve. There is a $25 entry fee and a 30-minute online training course.

Last year 272 pythons were removed from the wild.

Hunters must use humane methods to kill a python and a python submitted in more pieces than just with its head severed will not qualify for the longest snake contest but will count toward a hunter’s python total – as one snake.

The contest is used as a means to increase public awareness about invasive species.

The landscape is quite rugged and hunters are expected to have a tough go of it.

Info is available at